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Our goal is to reach a younger generation that is in desperate need of leadership and positive mentoring.  Through our Day at the Lake initiative, we are able to share valuable experiences, a positive attitude, and insight with boys who may not have a father figure.  To reach further into the community, we are looking for corporate and individual sponsors who are willing show their commitment to our future - our young men.


The Flint Men's Community Action Resource (MCAR) offers our 9th annual 'Day at the Lake' mentoring activity when the Flint Public Schools let out in June.  A training day will be held  this year, date TBD to train the young men in the crafts of knot tying, casting, fish cleaning, DNR fishing regulations, boaters safety, respect & accountability just to name a few. 


If they complete the ~6 hour training day, when they join us the following Friday to go out of the city to Shay Lake for an overnight Fishing Derby, they will receive their very own fishing rod/reel and a tackle box full of tackle.  They can use this in Saturday's Fishing Derby, taking place on June 10th, 2017 where more prizes can be won. 


We allow every single young man to attend at no cost but we seek donations to defray the cost of the prizes, the food, the transportation, and the lodging at Camp Genesis on Shay Lake in Millington, MI. Last year we hosted 60 young men for this event and we would love to have more this year!

We would very much appreciate your donations to help us with this event. Please click here to contribute:


Thank you for your continued support!

Check out our MCAR website:








Daughters of Deity

Bethesda Temple’s Women’s Fellowship is titled Daughters of Deity in Denim!

It is not a seminar…

there are no classes...

it is not a conference…..

there are no group meetings...


It is a fellowship where women are Encouraged and Empowered!

This fellowship is a time to relax, put on some jeans/denim, and be encouraged to have your own personal relationship with our Father God in Heaven!  We use this opportunity to encourage our unsaved sisters to begin a new life in Christ and for our Christian sisters it is a spiritual tune-up.  We promote women to Live, Laugh, Learn, Love and Live while serving The Lord.  We have speakers, musical guests, entertainment, a skit and a dinner that’s more like a feast!  The Fellowship is usually held during the month of October and generally there are over 40 local churches represented in attendance.

The ladies of Bethesda Temple are honored to extend an invitation to you! 


Contact us at 810-239-0982. We look forward to fellowshipping with you…..please join us!

Be Blessed!


Kim Whitaker – First Lady and Host of Daughters of Deity in Denim




Bethesda Temple is an active part of the reviveFLINT movement.​ We are all in need of a touch of refreshment from God.  – stirring Flint, MI to wake up to the Truth that sets people free, found solely in Jesus Christ. reviveFLINT, a 9-day movement in which we ask God for :
·         Revival in Flint
·         Revival in our churches
·         Revival of our economy
·         Revival in our families
·         Healing of broken lives

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